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Areas Of Use

For use on mild steel such as park home chassis 


A cost effective quick drying high build alkyd resin based Coating. Incorporation of zinc phosphate greatly enhances the anti-corrosive properties of the coating, which has been formulated for use on suitably prepared mild steel surfaces,  Chassis Pro High Build Phosphate Coating is ideally suited to brush or roller.

Chassis Pro High Build Phosphate Coating is particularly suitable for use in industrial applications where a fast drying economical anti-corrosive primer is required.

Designed for use on suitably prepared mild steel.

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination. Any areas of rust should be removed by abrading with a wire brush. Conventional degreasing methods may be employed using Solvent Degreaser, but for maximum efficiency, vapour degreasing is recommended.

Chassis Pro High Build Phosphate Coating. Wherever possible, applications should be made at ambient temperatures i.e. 10-20 degrees C. If the paint is not stored at the above ambient temperature the paint will be thicker.


Brush or Roller is the most suitable method of application however a spray gun is also suitable.


Approximately 6 - 8m2 per litre based on a dry film thickness of 50 microns.This figure is dependent on factors such as the substrate shape, thinning ratio and the method of application.

Drying Times

Touch dry:                  15 – 30 minutes

Hard dry:                    12 hours

Full properties:           7 days

Cleaning Of Equipment

Standard Thinners is recommended for cleaning of spray guns, rollers and brushes.

VOC Content

The VOC Content of Europrime 1 HB Zinc Phosphate Primer as supplied is 540 ± 15 grams per litre depending on colour. 

The usual pack size is 5 litres but pack sizes of 25 and 205 litres can be supplied on request.

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